Singapore aims for smart data centre growth

How Singapore is laying the groundwork for more data centres.

Singapore aims for smart data centre growth
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On DCD this week, I wrote that Singapore is laying the groundwork for smart data centre growth.

This was my conclusion after writing multiple posts about the Singapore data centre market since May and after speaking with a senior IMDA spokesperson.

In my article, I answer burning questions you might have about IMDA's recent 300MW announcement and the Green Data Centre Roadmap.

Smart data centre growth

Here's a quick overview.

  1. How will the capacity be allocated

EDB and IMDA are working together on this, and an announcement will come in due course. For now, Singapore is working proactively with the energy sector to upgrade infrastructure to support the demands of data centres.

  1. The big picture

The capacity will allow Singapore to pursue strategic opportunities and opens the door to harness the broader data centre ecosystem to achieve never-before-seen outcomes on the sustainability front.

  1. The road ahead for Singapore

There are multiple challenges to be addressed, from green software, innovations to improve energy efficiency, and new data centres built with sustainability at their core.

  1. What will success look like?

Success won’t be defined by the number of data centres but by the trajectory of Singapore’s digital economy. I'll also add that the Green Data Centre Roadmap is not a static template but a living document.

Read the article on DCD here.

What I've written so far

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