Steady. Ready. Write

What keeps me writing every day? It's you, of course.

Steady. Ready. Write
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What keeps me writing every day? It's you, of course.

Was pleasantly surprised to see 3 posts in the last 7 days exceeding 400 engagements.

It doesn't change what I do, but it's a nice fuzzy feeling all the same.

If you're new to LinkedIn and wondering how I did it, here's what I would have told myself a year ago.

  1. No shortcuts

It's not necessary to write daily like I do. But being consistent matters. A lot. Pick a cadence that works for you and keep at it. Use metrics like impressions and engagements as a gauge but don't fixate on them.

  1. Have more than one reason

Long-term goals are incredibly hard to keep at in our world of instant gratification. Having more than one reason is crucial. For me, it's to write faster, hone my writing, and get better at explaining tech. And also having my viewpoints challenged by others. What about you?

  1. Build your brand

Regardless of your reasons for posting, every piece of content you publish further solidifies your brand. The only difference is whether you are doing it unconsciously or as part of a plan. Having a strategy is infinitely superior.

Stay up to date

I've never really promoted what I write. However, I've had friends DM or text me of late asking about topics I've already written about. Unfortunately, the quirks of the algorithm meant they didn't see it.

In fact, it's estimated that every post is seen by just a small fraction of our connections or followers. That's why some repost their own content or simply recycle the same content. I don't like doing that though.

So if you want to keep abreast of everything I write, do consider signing up for my newsletter. I'll put my most recent stories into a single email once a week, all nicely linked up.

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