StarHub, Agoda cyber leaders discuss product evaluations

Veteran CISOs discuss how cyber leaders can evaluate new cyber solutions.

StarHub, Agoda cyber leaders discuss product evaluations
Image Credit: DALL-E 3

How do cybersecurity leaders evaluate new cyber solutions to tackle evolving digital threats?

This rarely-discussed topic is increasingly important, particularly in the face of new attack vectors and sophisticated cyber threats.

I had the opportunity to discuss this with two cyber veterans this week: Hoo Chuan-Wei of StarHub and Yaron Slutzky of Agoda.

The juxtaposition is striking, to say the least:

  • As a telco in Singapore, StarHub is a critical information infrastructure (CII) owner and subject to additional regulatory oversight.
  • Agoda requires no introduction. But did you know this travel juggernaut has more than 7,000 employees in 26 markets?

It was interesting to observe the similarities in their advice, as well as where they diverge.

Here are a few insights that struck me:

  • Be mindful of scope creep.
  • CISOs and CIOs need to work together.
  • Define your KPIs clearly, and at the beginning.

Sound interesting?

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