Set aside time to think and reflect

Do you set aside time to think?

Set aside time to think and reflect
Photo Credit: Unsplash/Eric Rothermel

Do you set aside time to think?

In our fast-paced world, time is often a luxury. However, setting aside unharried time for deep reflection and effective decision-making is essential.

Time to think and reflect

Many years ago, I interviewed an executive at a cafe in a mall along Orchard Road. I didn't mind as the coworking office I worked out of was a short walk away.

But I was puzzled at the choice of location and said as much.

Turns out he spends one morning every week away from the office - this was way before the term hybrid work was invented, mind you.

The reason? To set aside time to "think and plan".

No wonder he is a top thought leader in his industry.

Time to sharpen your edge

In their book "The 12 Week Year", authors Brian P. Moran and Michael Lennington also recommend taking time away from work.

They argue that one key factor contributing to performance plateaus is the absence of "free time".

To achieve greater results, what's often necessary is not more working hours, but taking some time away from work.

They call it a "breakout" block:

  • At least three hours long.
  • Scheduled during business hours.
  • Use to refresh and reinvigorate one's mind.

"When we don't take time off from work, we can lose our creative edge," they wrote.

👉 Have you taken some time off from work, or spent time to think and reflect recently?