Qualtrics touts tight integration of AI in its experience platform

Colours, the energy, and yes, the experience a sight to behold at Qualtrics X4 this year.

Qualtrics touts tight integration of AI in its experience platform
Photo Credit: Paul Mah

Was at Qualtrics X4 this week and I was blown away by the colours, the energy, and yes, the experience.

Started as an online tool to gather insights, improve customer service, and conduct surveys, Qualtrics has evolved into an experience management platform.

X4 is their annual conference, and some 10,000 attendees had travelled to Salt Lake City for this year's run.

A visual spectacle

And what a show it was. I don't ever talk about keynotes itself, but I've never seen such a... riot of creativity.

Like most keynote these days, Qualtrics had a wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling LED display. But it was the execution that was out of this world.

I mean, it's a visual spectacle.

  • Vivid and beautiful images.
  • Incredible design and transitions.
  • Perfectly synchronised to every line said.

I've never looked forward so much to each transition before. It's a treat and experience without a doubt.

Qualtrics + AI

First, it was the cloud, then it was blockchain. Today, it's AI. I mean, surely you have noticed how almost every single organisation has mysteriously morphed into AI firms?

But look closer, and it's a smorgasbord (or "rojak") of messy, bolted-on AI features.

Not Qualtrics though. It was clear they had given much thought to integrating AI into their suite of services.

  • AI features available by default.
  • Priced by actions, not by user count.
  • Heavy emphasis on privacy and ethics.

I really liked its focus on privacy and ethical use of data.

Chat with OpenAI CTO

Qualtrics managed to get OpenAI CTO Mira Murati on stage with its own Gurdeep Singh Pall, President of AI Strategy.

Here are some initial takeaways:

🔸OpenAI plans to continue pushing the scaling paradigm to develop more powerful models as "there seems to be no limit to it yet".

🔸Working actively to minimise the risks of AI but concedes that it "will never be zero".

🔸AI will change the meaning of work, and how we interact with everything.

PS: I've previously written about how tech giants such as OpenAI have cut corners to harvest data to train their AI models.

👉 For now, I'm all looking forward to going home!