Microsoft delays 'Recall' feature after widespread criticism

Microsoft restricts controversial Recall feature to its Insider programme. For now.

Microsoft delays 'Recall' feature after widespread criticism
Photo Credit: Unsplash/Anwaar Ali

Microsoft has tweaked, then delayed its controversial AI-powered 'Recall' feature.

Earlier this month, I wrote about how Microsoft's upcoming Recall feature is a train wreck in slow motion.

The 'Recall' story

The service works by capturing a screenshot every few seconds. Everything onscreen is converted into text and stored to help users recall everything.

The original plan was to put Recall on a bunch of new AI-centric Copilot+ laptops before eventually releasing it on Windows 11 to all.

But cybersecurity experts have warned that it may have devastating consequences for users compromised by malware.

  • It gives hackers a single database to target.
  • Puts a treasure trove of historical data at risk.

Improved, then delayed

In response to the backlash, Microsoft initially announced changes to how it works and made it optional by default. Then last week, it announced that Recall will be delayed.

Initial response:

  • Made optional by default.
  • Secured by Windows Hello.
  • All snapshots fully encrypted.


  • Restricted to Windows ('beta') Insider programme.

Will be available 'soon'

Microsoft cites its desire to provide a "trusted, secure and robust experience" to all customers for delaying the public release of Recall.

However, Microsoft still has plans to make Recall available to all Copilot+ owners soon.

How soon? I imagine even Microsoft doesn't know. But it'll be out eventually - hopefully implemented in a far more secure and robust manner.