Logitech MX Brio delivers privacy, stellar 4K video

The Logitech MX Brio is the new premium 4K webcam to get for stellar online calls, presentations.

Logitech MX Brio delivers privacy, stellar 4K video
Image Credit: Paul Mah

The Logitech MX Brio is the new premium 4K webcam to get for stellar online calls, presentations.

A whopping 7 years after the release of the original Brio 4K webcam, Logitech finally released the MX Brio.

One caveat: While the MX Brio is superior in almost every way, it can't replace the Brio 4K for some. I'll explain why later.

Improvements across the board

The MX Brio is better in almost every way.

  • Better face visibility in low light.
  • Fine controls: Shutter speed, ISO, others.
  • Dual beamforming noise-reducing microphones.
  • Beautiful aluminium chassis and redesigned mount.

Beyond that, the MX Brio supports the same 4K 30fps and full HD at full-HD 60fps video settings as the older Brio 4K.

Logitech says the glass sensor in the MX Brio has 70% larger pixels for vivid true colours, sharper image quality - I agree that it is superior image-wise.

My favourite features

Here are the features that caught my attention.

  1. Privacy shutter

The MX Brio comes with an integrated privacy shutter. This is particularly useful as removable covers are just waiting to get lost.

To close the physical shutter, simply twist the ring on the front of the camera in a counterclockwise direction. Do it in reverse to open.

  1. Show Mode

Sketched something on a notepad and want to show it to your colleagues?

The "Show Mode" feature lets you tilt the MX Brio 90° on its special hinge to show your desktop. The webcam automatically rotates its view, too.

  1. Fine-grained controls

I didn't find low-light support enticing given that I already have a couple of high-lumen lights at my desk. But what is interesting is the fine-grained exposure control on the MX Brio.

Users with high-quality lighting can now manually tweak its shutter speed and ISO settings to reduce blurring and get rid of noise. Of course, auto exposure is still around and works well.

Windows Hello no more

Unfortunately, the MX Brio no longer supports Windows Hello facial recognition. Logitech recommends going with the Brio 4K for users that need facial recognition.

My personal theory: The maker of the Windows Hello-compatible sensor never made a version with better sensor.

Anyway, I wrote about the Brio 4K just a few months ago and touted its facial recognition feature as a star feature then. Read about it here: https://lnkd.in/gM44G2pH

The MX Brio has a list price of SG$349. What do you think of it?