Generative AI is changing software development

A new era is upon us.

Generative AI is changing software development
Photo Credit: Paul Mah

How can AI help developers? Plenty, it seems - and it is reshaping the face of software development.

Had the pleasure of recording a podcast with Chun Wei Wu of AWS, as well as Rajesh Rao and Rahul Hukku of Temus this afternoon on this very topic.

How is generative AI changing the face of software development?

Dawn of a new era

Here are some insights I learned.

  • Super productivity: As with any new tool, there is some adjusting to using generative AI for coding. But once they get the hang of it, senior developers are seeing a 45% (!) increase in overall productivity.
  • Time saver: AI can help with more mundane development across the team, leaving senior developers with bandwidth to do higher-value tasks – instead of being booked solid for relatively trivial issues.
  • Offloading the mundane: Even junior developers benefit from a reduction in the amount of mundane code they have to write. This is especially true of the repetitive work they are typically tasked with.

Don't wait

Since generative AI isn't going back into the box, the time to get started is now.

And as Chun Wei quipped, help is just around the corner for those mulling use cases and setting up a POC.

Are you a software developer? How are you using generative AI and how has it surprised you?

As usual, I'll share the podcast once it's ready.