Fortune favours the prepared. Prepare today

Fortune favours the prepared. "Luck" is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.

Fortune favours the prepared. Prepare today
Illustration Credit: Hanh Bui

Fortune favours the prepared. "Luck" is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.

One key to success is being ready for the moment when chance presents itself.

By investing time in developing your:

  • Skills.
  • Knowledge.
  • Experience.

When I quit my job to become a solopreneur, I wanted a second gig as a backstop.

🚪 When opportunity knocks

So I applied to be an adjunct lecturer in IT at a local polytechnic.

In a conference room for 25, four interviewers sat across the table from me.

Why should we hire you for the role, they asked from the other side of the hollow square table.

For context, I had:

  • Zero experience in teaching.
  • Only a bachelor's degree in IT.
  • Less than 5 years of IT experience.
  • Was much younger than other applicants.


🕰️ The preparation of yesteryear

Fortunately, I had done the preparatory work over years - without realising it.

  • I've written some apps at work, taught myself a popular programming language, and created a CMS for a global hotel chain.
  • I have also written for multiple IT publications and was familiar with explaining technical concepts in simple terms.
  • Having taken cell group meetings for some years, I could also project my voice - much more confidently than I felt anyway.

I gave it my best shot. got the role.

And so for just shy of a decade I had the privilege of teaching youths, often at a higher cadence than the full-timers.

👀 Lift up your eyes

Don't despise the day of small beginnings or be discouraged by the seeming inconsequential progress of your preparations.

They may seem tiny and unimportant today. But trust me, they matter.

And opportunity will come calling soon; the onus is on your to be ready when it arrives.

So, how are you positioning yourself to seize the opportunities of tomorrow?