Do you practice thankfulness daily?

Gratitude is a choice and a discipline. Are you making it a point to practice thankfulness every day?

Do you practice thankfulness daily?
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Gratitude is a choice and a discipline. Are you making it a point to practice thankfulness every day?

When forgetting is normal

The human brain has a startling ability to forget.

We know how stress, lack of sleep, or some medications can interfere with the making of new memories or the retrieval of existing ones.

But it goes further than that. Some scientists argue that forgetting is the basal state of the brain. They attribute it to reasons such as:

  • Natural memory decay.
  • Protection from info overload.
  • As a defence mechanism against trauma.

This explains how time softens memories: It takes the edges off painful experiences, but also reduces our triumphs.

Remembering the good

Years ago, I had a friend on the cusp of making certain decisions which I'm certain she'll come to regret.

When she asked to meet over tea, I felt prompted to grab a sheet of paper and a pen.

Let's do a quick exercise, I suggested in the crowded cafe. Shall we list out all the positive things that happened to you recently?

"Nothing had gone well," she protested.

"Really? How about your new job and that pay increment?" I said as I started writing.

Before long, I had the A4 paper completely filled up.

She left with a very different state of mind that day, unable to dispute that everything I wrote down did indeed happen.

Making the effort

I believe it's because I saw things through a different lens from her. I'll also argue that developing a heart of gratitude is a choice and a discipline.

Do you:

  • Keep a gratitude journal or share your wins with others.
  • Develop mindfulness by praying regularly.
  • Make it a habit to focus on the positives.

Don't let your victories slip through the cracks of memory, overshadowed by the more immediate challenges.

Make a point to remember and celebrate your achievements, no matter how small they may seem.

This will only help you build a more resilient and optimistic mindset that will serve as a solid foundation to lean on during tough times.