Cybercriminals selling personal data of Singaporeans on dark web

Poor online habits to blame for theft of data.

Cybercriminals selling personal data of Singaporeans on dark web
Photo Credit: Unsplash/Jay Wennington

Cybercriminals are selling the personal information of Singaporeans on the dark web for money.

According to a report on 𝘈𝘴𝘪𝘢 𝘖𝘯𝘦, stolen data include sensitive data such as biometric info, fingerprints and facial data.

Poor online habits

This state of affairs was attributed to bad online habits and a lack of awareness. Once obtained from hapless users, the data is then sold for financial gains.

The report didn't mention it, but here are some potential ways data are stolen.

  • Application for fake jobs.
  • Participation in lucky draws.
  • Innocuous online polls and games.

Money for your Singpass

Another coveted digital asset would undoubtedly be access to Singpass accounts.

As reported separately by CNA last year, a Singaporean man give up his Singpass account details for opening a bank account for SG$8,000.

  • Account used to launder SG$220,000.
  • Dealt with under Computer Misuse Act.
  • He was scammed too - and never got paid.

What active steps do you take to protect your personal information?

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